Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm a TMZ addict

You're probably here to find out what the hell I've been up to the past six months, right?

No? Well, you suck. (turn to page 68)

If you answered "yes" then here you go...

Short answer: not much (or rather, nothing worth blogging about)
I've worked six(?) jobs (yeah, in six months) and somehow still have no money. Okay, let me count...
In January I worked for some crappy telemarketing company for like a week and a half before I got a job at Petland (before I knew they got their dogs from puppy mills! plus I worked in the fish side of the store, so quit hatin'). After that I took a job at Staples, which also sucked balls. Then I got a job with my mom at Chase in the collections department, which I was surprisingly really good at and liked, but they canned my ass for some dumb shit about my work history being inaccurate. And now I'm at Target. So I guess that's only five, but I suppose a daily routine of waking up at noon, watching Maury, Jeopardy, Cash Cab and Inside Edition, eating EasyMac and not showering does not constitute as a job.

Anyhow, after four jobs in four months I decided it was time for me to put my awesome thinking skills to proper use; it was time for me to go to school. Long story short, I will be attending Northeastern Illinois University come August.

Well, there it is... kind of. I mean, there is a lot more but I'm kinda tired and I still have yet to watch the illegal copy of True Blood I downloaded a couple of days ago, so I'm gonna do that.
I'm back....