Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best and Worst Moments of 2009: part two

Worst Moment #5 - Totaling my car
You can read all about it in a couple of previous entries. I wasn't injured, which was good. But watching something that has been a huge part of your life: from getting me into some serious trouble, to saving my ass countless times (even serving as a place to sleep on a handful of occasions)... I loved that car.

Best Moment #5 - Turkey Tourney 6
Always good to get everybody together for this annual event.

Worst Moment #4 - DIU Drama
Also something you can read about in previous entries. Bottom line, I learned my lesson the REALLY hard way.

Best Moment #4 - Jodie
Some of the best friendships and relationships one can have in a lifetime are the shortest. This girl really lit up my life for the brief month or so we spent together. Maybe it was the allure of being with a younger girl, or just a refreshing new person in my life, but it was pretty awesome. And when she was gone, it sucked but it didn't turn my life upside down by any stretch of the imagination.

Worst Moment #3 - My night/morning in County
At least it was Champaign County and not Cook, but it still wasn't fun. (Details can also be found in previous entries.)

Best Moment #3 - My bike
I found a bike for free on the internets. Nothing special, just a working mountain bike. My new favorite form of exercise and transportation.

Worst Moment #2 - Swine Flu
Not that I got it, it just pissed me off. Most annoying disease since bird flu. No, just kidding, I'd actually have to say car accidents in general. By my calculation I was involved in four this year, all semi-serious. Gladly, no one has perished, unlike from that bastard swine flu!

Best Moment #2 - Losing my car
While I do miss my precious VW Golf, the responsibilities (mostly financial) of car ownership SUCK. I will do my best to go without owning another auto as long as possible.

Worst Moment #1 - Losing my job at Petsmart
I know I hinted at this being "Jess breakup pt. 2" but losing my job at Petsmart was probably the shittiest thing that happened to me this year. It sparked the chain of events that led to 2009 being the worst year of my life.

Best Moment #1 - Sookie
She just showed up in the backyard one day and I was in love. Sweetest Pit Bull ever. She is always by my side. I go pee and she whines outside the door. Talk about loyalty. She makes all the crap I went through this year so much easier to swallow.

Well, there ya go. I could have elaborated on all of these a lot more, but I think most of them have been covered in previous entries.

I'm pretty confident in saying that this was the worst year ever. I'm a pretty optimistic person, and as you can see, I have found the good in the year.

I'm still battling with depression (on and off you could say) and I'm trying to do so without medication. It's been a rough four weeks without it, but I'm still here. I had a bit of a breakdown today, before writing this. The sun was setting on the last day of 2009 and I was just thinking about everything, trying to remain positive as I look ahead to 2010. For whatever reason I couldn't do it. Maybe it's this time of year. When the holidays are over I always get a little sad. Maybe it's that I've got no plans for 2010, and as much as I love Champaign, I want to move back home. I'm not entirely sure. The fact that I am more or less homeless doesn't really help either.

Throughout the past decade I've had a crack at a "fresh start" more than my fair share of times. I always blow it. I can never focus long enough to keep at something. Or I get bored. I can blame 49% of my failed relationship on this.

I guess this is where I attempt to end on a positive note. Well, it's not easy. I guess it's time to get ready and head to the place where I was ten years ago tonight, my buddy Mikes house. There won't be a whole lot of people there, but two, maybe three of my oldest friends will be there, and another one or two in spirit (they're not dead, they just are spending their NYEs elsewhere). To be honest, I think this will be good for me. While going out and getting hammered at a bar or a huge party somewhere sounds fun, I spent too much of 2009 doing this. Come to think of it, I probably spent too much of the past ten years doing this. (Now I'm making myself look like an alcoholic at 16. Honestly I didn't even start drinking until I was 19.) But anyway, a warm shower almost always cheers me up. So I'll leave you with this:

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin

Happy New Year, everybody.


Anonymous said...

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Ryan the Broham said...

thanks KerenM. Just randonly stumbled into my blog or what?

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