Monday, July 13, 2009

I kicked today's ass.

Having Mondays off is probably the best thing ever. You can actually get the stuff you said you we're going to get done over the weekend, done. Plus you get to see the dead look on the faces of all the poor saps who had to go back to work today.

Anyhow, I figured I would sleep in til nine, which I did, took all three dogs for separate walks/bike rides, got back to catch the second half of Price is Right and got to hang out with one of my new favorite people before she had to go to work (sucker). For me that sounds like a pretty decent day. But that wasn't even half of it.

First, after bidding ado to my female friend, I went to get my paycheck. Getting paid on a day off is awesome. I then rode the bike to the bank for cashing and headed downtown to enjoy this beautiful weather. There I stopped at Exile on Main Street and picked up the Crusive/Ladyfinger release (left over from Record Store day) and the Wilco EP (to go along with the new album).

As I rode through downtown Champaign I came across two very interesting individuals. First there was this black dude (looked like he could possibly be homeless) standing in front of the vacuum store yelling about "salvation," "revelation," and "the truth."
I see homeless guys yelling all the time (mostly in Chicago) but this guy was louder than any street crier I have heard before. It was pretty crazy.
Then there was the world's creepiest old man, dressed in all white- shoes, socks, pants, shirt, jacket and hat, along with a white as snow beard to match. The creepiest part was that he was standing directly in front of the door to the adult arcade, as if to block anyone from entering or exiting. Creepy. I wanted to take his picture but then again...

So after leaving downtown and heading home I found a bike seat just lying on the sidewalk. It was one of those soft, comfy ones (as opposed to my hard as a rock one). So I grabbed it and once I got home removed my crappy seat and replaced it with the new one. You can thank me now or you can thank me later, ass.

Also, I stopped at the Dollar General where the woman in front of me had a cart full of cheap crap, totaling $138. At the dollar store. I think she had bought one of everything. I laughed and I think she heard me but whatever, she's crazy.

Anyhow, it's only five o'clock, so I hope this day continues to be awesome. Actually, it is right now, because I'm about to play my new vinyl and eat the Toblerone I purchased at the DG. Haven't had one of these in years. Yum.