Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back on track. alas!

Finally, finally, finally, things are going well once again. I got a real job, I get to stay in the place I love, and good things have suddenly came my way!

It's been a pretty crazy few weeks- well, actually few years, especially the past one. But everything that has happened to me has happened for a reason. My DUI, losing my job and girlfriend, the car accident: it all had to happen. And now that all of the obstacles are out of the way, my wings can spread once again.

A lot of you probably doubt me, rightfully so. I got a text message this morning (it actually came around 5AM, but I got when I woke up at nine) which was basically a plea for me to "straighten out my life" and "stop drinking." Well, I still drink, but it no longer consumes my life, keeps me from working, being myself or maintaining relationships. My DUI, specifically my "rehab" classes and Victim Impact Panel really changed my thinking, and in turn my drinking habits and overall outlook on life (to a degree).

So friends, there is no reason to panic, or even cause for concern. Ryan got himself into this mess and he is more than capable of getting himself out. Not to say that no one helped me out along the way. There have been many of you who have helped in so many different ways, some of you probably don't even realize it. But thank you all.

And all the rest of you can fuck off. If y'all think I got problems, confront me.+