Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chain smoking: bad for the heart, good for the soul.

Dear blog,

It's been awhile. This is kind of awkward. Let me just throw this out there...
If you wanna give up on me that's cool. I have been pretty loyal to you, but the number of fans or even regular readers is lackluster at best.

You know what though? This is more for me than anyone else. And I'm no quitter so I'm gonna keep at it. Anything is possible, right? Maybe someday this will be the most read blog on the web. Just gotta keep telling myself that. Not too hard, considering my eternal optimism.

1863: Emancipation Proclaimed.
1963: We shall overcome. A guy had a dream.
2008: Yes we can!

Segregation, discrimination: we shall overcome. 135 years later, yes we can!

We have the potential to lead the world. If we can only open our eyes wide enough to let he light nearly blind us.

Now is the time.

It began in '63. We must keep fighting the good fight.

Oh, America I wish you the best of luck in the coming years.