Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don't text me and ask how I'm doing, just read this!

My poor blog has had very few updates recently. It's hurting. It's hurting me and it's hurting you, lol. So to stop the bleeding I will apply my words to your wounds.

First and foremost, gotta clear some things up.

-Yes, Jessica and I are no longer together. For how much longer you ask? Dunno. As long as it takes I suppose. (Additional details are available to VIPs - you guys probably know who you are and have permission to text me lol)

-I am currently not seeking a new partner, despite popular belief. I have needs, but that's what hookers and porn are for. Thankfully I can not afford hookers.

-I'm still on medication for anxiety/depression, though the latter is not a big issue so much. But yes, Zoloft and alcohol. They help me a lot. And yes, they both cause problems, but casualties are part of war, right? The U.S. government thinks so.

-Yes, I'm smoking again. I wish I didn't crave them so much, but I do. Mostly just when I drink, because otherwise they make me sick. Crazy, right? Yep, suddenly the worthless "Truth" ads make sense. But this is exactly why they are worthless. And I drink a lot, so I tend to smoke a lot too, but again, only when I drink. And this poses another question for most of you: "Why do you drink so often? Isn't that a problem?"

-I don't have a drinking problem. I have a me problem. But even that is hard to say. (Not hard to admit, hard to say.) I was once told that "there are no problems, only opportunities." I'm still waiting on those opportunities to come my way. Yeah, I know I should reach out for them as opposed to waiting for them to come to me, but my arm span ain't quite what it used to be. It really never was that long; I got dealt a bad hand, not necessarily from the start, but by the time I learned how to play, for sure.

-I have started a few blog entries, but not published them due to intoxication/lack of sleep. I will do my best to update/edit and publish them ASAP. Or not...

-Though it seems more of a hassle at this point, I do plan on heading back North for Thanksgiving and the Turkey Tourney (TTV, hell yeah!). I am working on switching shifts so I can make it up there late Wednesday afternoon, but no promises. Otherwise I'll probably make a daytrip of it on Thursday. Ohhhhh, obligations....

-(This one might seem kind of obvious but a lot of people (who, probably don't read this blog, lol) are confused as to my current location/occupation/etc.) I live in Champaign and will be attending U of I (maybe/hopefully/until my porn career takes off) very soon. Hopefully double majoring in Anthropology and Creative Writing. Crazy combo I know. But if you continue to read the blog you'll understand it more.

So, that's that. I'm so not done with this post, but I need a smoke break, and I know this entry is eagerly awaited by about 1.5 people so I'll publish this guy and be back in a few for the sequel.