Friday, January 16, 2009

Inaugural Fever

In lieu of sharing a dozen or more posts on facebook, I've compiled a master list of Obama-related material. I will update as necessary. Feel free to add your Obama/Inauguration findings.

It's LegObama! See an entire slideshow of Legoland's Inauguration display here.

Gambling on politics is nothing new to me, but I have not seen odds on things quite this obscure. The Swedish betting site Betsson has put odds on words Obama might say in his inauguration speech. From the obvious; "United States" (1.01/1), "change" (1.03/1) and "economy" (1.05/1), to the less likely; "puppy" (5/1), "McCain", "Martin Luther King" and "New Deal" all at 10/1 odds. Seriously, "puppy" over "McCain"? For the real longshots, listen up for "Doyle Brunson", "fuck off" and "Peru" which are all currently at 1000/1. I personally like "axis of evil" at 666/1 and the Chihuahua for the selection of the first puppy at 15/1. For the complete list visit Betsson.

Yo quiero casa blanco!

"So help me god..." is not available for betting at Betsson. Probably because it's part of the oath each president-elect must take, with one hand on the bible. But this could all change if the atheists get there way... read more here.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Governor Blagojevich will not be attending the Inauguration Tuesday. Turns out he sold his seats to the highest bidder...

You think these seats are good? I got a pair front row, center, right next to Oprah!

For all of you iphone geeks out there, who prefer to watch historic events on a two inch screen, good news - find out how to stream the Inauguration between phone calls.

I've also added a 40 terabyte hard drive for my porn collection!