Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ch-Cha-Cha, Changes

As you've probably noticed, the name does not remain the same.

I was going to pull a "Prince" and rename the blog with a symbol, but decided against it because, honestly, I didn't have the patience to design an original symbol. Plus, I think the title is fitting. (Read on.)

I've settled in to my new place, with my new roommate, Jim. I left that shithole of an apartment on Fourth Street - hence, the exclusion of the latter part of the title. I considered 'the Kirby Avenue Blues' as a replacement, but it just lacked a ring to it. And 'Unfinished Business' just sounds too generic to me. So, we have 'Plan Z.'

I was listening to a podcast the other day. I really love podcasts. Mostly because they are free. Also, they can be informative. Ira Glass introduced the latest "This American Life" podcast, entitled 'Plan B.'

The podcast was about people ending up doing things they had never envisioned themselves doing, to make a living. In short, settling for 'plan B.'

Well, if myou know me well enough, you know that my life has been all about plan "B." Or rather plan x for that matter, where x = this won't work, but it's the "stated agenda" for the time being.

Whether it be attending school A or school B, being in relationship N or
M, or sticking with job X or Y, it's almost always a bust. Pardon - an excuse, rather than a bust.

So, I decided to grow up, [again/finally].

I'm drinking a whole lot less - which has it's ups and downs. I'm trying to commit to the girl I love. I'm being responsible, sort of. Scratch that - as best I can, which may be worse or better. I hope better.

Anyhow, here I am at this new place with Jim and his crazy puppy Syrus. Good dog, just a bit nuts. Bottom line: I am calling this 'Plan Z' because I have to. No backup plan here. Get shit straight, or else...

More to follow.

Keep an eye out for the new CDRB blog as well...