Monday, August 18, 2008

the EVE

Tomorrow should be a good day.
<<< This, all of this mess and chaos (plus a lot more unseen), has to get crammed into a VW Golf and relocated a mere 177.35 miles SSE, tomorrow. Not the first time I've packed my life into a car and made a drastic move. Hopefully not the last. I am also hopeful that the next move is in my little Golf, though not AS drastic, or at least "drastic" in a different way, with less fear and more confidence.
Confidence: what I lack in this move; in my life in general. But Champaign will aid me in my efforts. As will God, karma, and positive thinking - and hopefully all my friends (old and new) who subscribe/read this blog. I promise it will get more interesting.
BTW, that is the point of this blog. I intend to keep you all informed of my new life- scratch that - revised life - scratch that- my life. I would hate to be a "born-again" anything. Life is a continuous stream, and can not be edited or even rearranged. Hence, no regrets. Only learning experiences. And also, a tough one to abide by, but: no problems, only opportunities. A boss once told me that, probably the only thing coming from his mouth that made ANY sense. It all goes back to positive outlook.

Heard a good phrase yesterday:

While searching for purpose, in lieu of asking 'what do I want from life,' ask 'what does life want from me.

In other words, one should not be overaggressive while seeking his/her path, but rather disregard and completely submit to his/her own consciousness; meditate, but not too hard.
Thank you, Leena Patel.
It works in almost every aspect of life, however, this particular quotation was taken from a financial conversation.

FINAL THOUGHT: Americans are the most interesting and inexplicable culture ever. It may be a foreign idea to many, but....
When an American looks in the mirror he/she sees him/herself as is, and rarely bothers to look deep down, through the body, the mind, the soul. On the contrary, the majority of the remainder of society- even our neighbors, Canada and Mexico- think in such an entirely different way.
For instance: we lock our doors to keep others out. In Canada they keep their doors unlocked. Locking doors is a foreign concept to them. In Canada, if you lock your door, you are locking yourself up, hiding from society.
A bit of a stretch from my point, but if you're smart (chances are if you're reading this, you are a genius, lol) you understand my point. I hope to refine it someday. That is pretty much what this blog is all about: me, my life, my feelings, thoughts and ideas - and turning those things into an informative dialogue.

Good night and God bless.