Sunday, August 3, 2008

Welcome to the jungle, we got fun AND games... but mostly just fun

<<< style="font-style: italic;">pr: blohg). Yes, a "blog." However, I think blogue sounds much more, eh, awesome. Anyhow, apt37 will be my residence for the next year. I will reside there and blogue from there. I am excited about this stage in my life. You see, (those of you who know my situation can skip over this to the next paragraph) I am 24 years old and have some community college credit under my belt, almost equivalent to an associates degree. But for 24, I feel just a tad "behind." It bothers me to a degree, but what bothers me more is the assumption that people make about me. I look young. I could pull myself off as an 18 year-old, fresh out of high school. And to be honest, my maturity level might just back that up - sometimes, lol. So, I'm rooming with a bunch of cool kids, slightly younger than myself (shoutout to apt37 and 39, woo, woo). Since my relationship with Jessica began, nearly four years ago, I've pretty much been the oldest guy in the room, 9 times out of 10, so this is nothing new. This isn't where I should end this paragraph, but I'm doing it for those reading this and are skipping to the next paragraph.

First off, I recently made a tough decision. I was accepted to the U of I, but I was advised by a really smart woman, that it would be in my best interest to attend Parkland College (the local community college in Champaign) and defer my acceptance to U of I until Spring semester (Jan. 09). This was a well thought out, financial decision on my part. (If you're curious I'll spill the details later.) So, for the Fall semester I will be a student at Parkland College, good times.

This was a kinda boring, informative blog, but more are to come. Better ones. Those of you who don't know me that well can find out who I really am - before you decide you either adore me or hate my guts.
For the rest of you, this will be your way of keeping up with me.

Final Thought: Easy, breezy, beautiful, COLORGIRL! (also a shameless endorsement. hey, somebodys gotta pay for this free blog.....)