Sunday, August 17, 2008

an open letter to the UNIVERSE

its official, alert the press - ryan brokamp has the longest ever case of writers block ever recorded. i havent wrote anything for myself, that i TRULY wanted to write, since like, god knows when. except until i wrote this poem at work one day while i was bored:

A quick, sharp beam
A labial crescent upon the visage
Like the prevailing winds, dark clouds
Anticipation, electricity
The baton is raised
Bows descend toward strings
The first note, sharp and high
Horns erupt
Soprano, mezzo, contralto
The tones converge in choral perfection
Expressions mirror the beauty
Juvenilely coy yet acutely seductive
Infectious indeed, infallibly inspiring
Unmistakable, but each performance unique
The sweetest of symphonies

a poem i wrote. it made me feel SO good. so creative. so RYAN. i just want to share it with the world. and i did. its been entered into an international poetry competition. not to brag, just excited. and now i know im creative. i always knew, i guess. its just that the creativity i have always known i had, has finally manifested itself. i observe. i love. i am loved. i reconnect. i make new connections. and i create. i love creating, and expressing, and sharing. finally... an outlet. god it feels good