Monday, August 25, 2008

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...that can only mean one thing: It's writing time.

And by writing time I mean blogging/writing time.
Some of my blog entries can be very creative, while others are merely play-by-play of my awesome life. Life is pretty awesome, and (while we're talking about blogging) I can see how blogging could be the downfall of society.

I feel, everyone has something important and/or interesting to say. Therefor, hypothetically, everyone could have a blog.

Before Webster decided "blog" was a word, and before I had ANY idea what a blog was, I had heard of something called a "live journal." (Saying this kind of makes me feel old, like a lot of things have lately, but I try not to think too much about that.) I suppose, technically a blog is just that, a live journal. Sometimes I struggle with the idea of blogging. It seems like a waste of text- contributorial crap. Blogs have become primarily celebrity gossip (Perez Hitlon, Gawker, etc.), at least the most commercially successful examples. But, if we consider a blog a modern day diary. . .

Anne Frank, Lewis Carroll, Sylvia Plath, Virgina Woolf. . .

All authors of published and renowned works of literature. All diaries. Granted the lives of these individuals were extraordinary. But, who is to judge another's life? In my eyes, everyone's life is extraordinary, in some way or another. I have yet to meet someone and yawn at his or her introduction.
People intrigue me. (Hell, Anthropology is my intended major, well at least one of them - yes I am considering double majoring, and only one other person knows what that other major may be. Gotta leave some mystery in my life, lol.)

Back to the point. If you have anything interesting to say about anything, you can blog. Spilling your guts about your secret crush not required.

This said, if we all decided "hey, ya know what? I'm gonna take my passion, my ideas, my thoughts, my gossip, my life, my interests, my observations, my fears... and share them with whomever might be interested...," shit, we'd never have to be honest with anyone ever again. We'd go live our lives however we please, as long as that at the end of the day we could come home to our computer, in the comfort of solitude, and BLOG about our true feelings...

...well, I mean, I guess that would change the way we communicate altogether. WAIT! This is what is happening to us RIGHT NOW! We text, email, we write on each other's walls, and some of us even blog. Technology is great! It's progress, right?

Whatever the case might be, technology has taken had a ginormeous influence on us as a society and on our everyday lives. Good or bad, it is a big deal.

So, here I am blogging about how blogs are so terrible! WTF!? Lol (btw - oh, the irony! At least spell check doesn't accept the previous as ACTUAL words... yet.)

My point? Dunno that I have one (oh, and in case you were wondering, "dunno" is not underlined in squiggly red).
Actually, maybe that IS my point. We've all been instructed to follow these "rules" of the English language. Grammar, spelling, punctuation., blah blah blah! Who cares!? Really? Are you serious? You care more about me following inane, bullshit rules about how I should "structure" my thoughts, than you care about my thoughts themselves?

I suppose it shows a sense of responsibility, respect and competence. On the contrary (and oh yes, I love to play devil's advocate), but doesn't it kinda make you feel like a drone?

"I've got soul but I'm not a soldier"

Apparently, italics won't go off now, so bear with me.

Italics gone now, but BOLD on.

jesus christ, i need to find a new blogging site. technology at work right here. (oh and one more btw - both "jesus" and "christ" are not recognized by the spellcheck as real words. then again, neither is "spellcheck" lol. Jesus Christ. Oh there we go, had to capitalize that shit.

So, in bold, caps and courier, final thought:

Consider the following:

Everyone on Earth starts a blog. We start paying so much attention to our own blogs we no lon
ger have (oh and bold gone all of a sudden) (and there go the italics.) back to arial. nice. (except that "arial" has a goddamn red line under it!!!!)

Final thought (revised):

(italics back, not by choice)
our thoughts are way more important and significant than our words. words are mere representation of our thoughts. so, fuck every english teacher i ever had that was more concerned about where i put my commas and correct citation, than the content of my work!!!!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<>


Kyle said...

As technology advances formal communication (face to face conversation) will continue to decrease. People will interact less with each other and social skills will continue to decline. Current examples can be seen now as friends text us what’s up instead of calling us or even walking the fifteen feet down the hall to see us. Technology however is still a wonderful thing as it will continue to better our lives and increase our possibilities. Now comes to the issue of blogs. As blogs continue to become more wide spread throughout popular culture (e.g. the joke in the snickers commercial and Perez Hilton) the original purpose of spreading useful knowledge about life or a friend (like your blog) is being lost.

Oh and don’t feel too bad about the live journal thing I’ve known about it before now as well.