Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Solitude vs. Companionship: Round 1

In the blue corner....

Representing the states of seclusion and isolation, weighing in at a lonely "one," claiming the titles of hurting relationships, deliberate choice, contagious disease, disfiguring features, repulsive personal habits, or circumstances of employment or situation - the challenger of today's bought - SOLITUDE!!!

And in the red corner...

The reigning champion of interpersonal relationships, hailing from the state of happiness, unbeaten in all title matches involving others... COMPANIONSHIP!

"Well Marv, looks like we've got ourselves a real fight tonight!"

"That's right Skip. This match up couldn't be any more exciting: only one contender will prove himself victorious, only one man can come out on top!"

"Marv, you couldn't be any more right. Though, both corners have something to prove, and I think they both want to win this fight just as bad as each other. I'm predicting twelve rounds of closely contended competition, with a late KO by the true champ!"

"I hope you're right Skip! Either way I think we're in for one hell of a fight. Without further ado, let's get to it!"

Fighters, you know the rules - no lowblows or cheapshots, let's keep it clean. Knock gloves and let's begin!

"Both fighters look ready to go, it's been a grueling 3,000 some years of training for these guys. Oh, and Companionship takes an early hard throw, landing a haymaker to the right jaw of a slow-starting Solitude."

"Maybe Solitude is not as ready to go as we thought! He's looking weak out there!"

"Skip, maybe he's just intimidated by the eagerness of his opponent. This game is just as mental as it is psychical. I hope he can pull himself together..."

"He sure does look shaken up after that first hit, but I think it was the roars of the crowd, backing up their obvious favorite, Companionship."

"This is true, Solitude is a real underdog here. As a matter of fact, he's being booed right now as he heads back into his corner. What can he be thinking retreating this early in the fight?"

"Marv, the only thing I can imagine is running through his head right now, is that he's got to pull himself together very quickly before this fight turns ugly fast."

"He seems to be ignoring the advice of his trainer as he stares off into the crowd, looking more frightened now than ever."

"Well Marv, I have been covering these fights for a long time, and I have NEVER seen that look in a fighter before. But I have to disagree with you - he may appear scared, but I think that's a look of determination he mustered u[p from deep down within. I think he's ready to go..."

"Skip, you're right! Look at him go, he's throwing, one, two three in a row, what a combo! Wow, I think the table have turned. Just a little bit of mental focus is what he needed. Meanwhile Companionship doesn't know what to do. He's all alone out there, the crowd is stunned, they've become completely silent!"

"Well, the clock keeps ticking and he keeps throwing. These early effective blows are going to make a huge impact on the rest of this fight. We wouldn't want him to lose his energy though, there are eleven more rounds of this fight, and anything can happen!"

"Eleven rounds? I don't know that Companionship can recover now - this fight may be over early, thanks to the psychological game displayed by Solitude. Nobody expected this from him. But then again, he's Solitude - can we ever know what to predict from this guy!?"

"Well, the bell sounds and this round is over. After great start from Companionship, Solitude pulled something together, clearly taking this round."


Kyle said...

I really like this Ryan. I enjoy the metaphor you are using here. The use of the classic boxing match to show the idea of an inner struggle and life is excellent. Just remember this, while Solitude is looking good at the end of round one the crowd whom all love our champion Companionship will back him up and support him past this slump in round one. Round two will be interesting to learn about as long as Companionship relies on the people he has backing him up and helping to support him in his corner.