Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Playlist

Some actual Christmas songs, some just badass tunes that are Christmas to me:

"Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" - Bruce - For the brutish period in which I lived in the same house as my stepfather, this was the song that would wake me up on Christmas morning. It also still is the first song played after Thanksgiving dinner.

"Creep" - Radiohead - Not quite sure, but from the very first time I heard this song up until today, every time I hear this track I think it's a Christmas song. Good song, but has nothing to do with Christmas, I'm pretty sure.

"A Great Big Sled" - The Killers - Badass xmas tune. Very Rock n Roll, yet pretty as a white Christmas.

"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" - Death Cab for Cutie - For serious, this is the holiday equivalent of Hendrixs' version of "All Along the Watchtower." Like Dylan himself said: Jimmi mastered it. Death Cab went and done the same thing here. Perfection.

"Beautiful Day" - U2 - When this single was first released, at the start of the big U2 revival (side note: All That You Can't Leave Behind, the last good U2 album) I was a sophomore in high school. I remember hearing it beforehand, but when I truly fell in love with it was on a roadtrip up to East Troy, WI to see Pearl Jam with Dan Krall, Mike Wilson, and Mr. Wilson (Mike's dad). Dan pointed out exactly what the song was about: a dude who just lost his wife and kids (divorce) and was just at a really shitty point in his sad life. But the sun was shining, he had hope, and it was a beautiful day. Yeah, a bit sappy, and who knows if that's what the song actually means, but to me that is what it will always mean, It reminds me of my dad, it reminds me of myself, it reminds me of my dog, it reminds me of Christmas morning, New Years Day, and that bitter cold night in October of 2000 - and that's all that it has to mean.

"Bittersweet Symphony" - The Verve - More nonsense from the Broham camp. This is the song I think I listened to most in high school during that drab week that is Winter break; post-Christmas, pre-New Years. Bittersweetness is the best term for that week.

"Hey Parker, It's Christmas" - Ryan Adams - You think I would make a playlist and leave out Ryan Adams? Go back to my first entry and reread my entire blog - you don't know me.

"It's Christmas, Let's Be Glad" - Sufjan Stevens - a) he made an album about Illinois (and Michigan, and last I heard he hopes to cover the other 48 states, no joke); b) he's pretty much a badass; c) he's released a handful of sweet Christmas tunes (which can also be included on this list); d) his name is Sufjan. How do I get that name?

"Little Saint Nick" - Beach Boys - They're the Beach fucking Boys. This is a classic. If you don't like this song you probably hate puppies, so fuck you.

"Papa Loves Mambo" - Perry Como - It's in the second best Christmas film ever, Bad Santa, therefor it is awesome, and oh so Christmas-y.

"Run Rudolph Run" - Chuck Berry - Speaking of best Christmas movies ever, this little diddy is featured in the all-time smash comedy hit,Jingle All the Way, the BEST Christmas movie EVER (among others). Oh, yeah, and it's Chuck Berry, who fucking rocks.

"Santa Lost a Ho" - Various Artists - "Cus' he used to go Ho Ho Ho/ Now he only goes Ho/ Uh oh!/ Where'd the other Ho go?/ Don't know/ Santa lost a Ho." Many artists have varying versions of this masterpiece, but each one is quite exceptional.

Oh, this is all too fun! I know I have more, so we'll call this Volume One. Stay tuned for more holiday awesomeness...


splinky said...

u know i have tons to add..(these of course remind me of my christmas so may not pertain to yours)

*The Christmas Waltz
*Sleigh ride
*Theres no place like home for the holidays
(pretty much the whole xmas Portrait album)

dean martin(btw does a better papa loves mambo)=
*Let it snow
*Baby its cold outside

johnny freaking xmas god mathis=
*The christmas song
*Sleigh ride
*Winter wonderland

bing crosby=
*white Chistmas
*Mele Kalikimaka
*Jingle Bells

Perry Como=
*It's Beginning to look a lot like christmas
*Do you hear what i hear
*winter wonderland

andy williams=
*Its the most wonderful time of the year
*Happy Holiday

gene autry=
*Here comes santa claus
*The red nosed reindeer
*Frosty the snowman

frank sinatra=
*Have Yourself a Merry Christmas