Thursday, December 4, 2008

Questions, comments, etc...

Random stuff I have been observing/noticing/thinking lately. Feel free to comment or just ponder...

I am seeing more and more moms on facebook these days. Dads too, but more so moms. Is this weird or is it just me?

I watch most of my actual programming (TV series) online these days. With the exception of news and sports, will television eventually become entirely on demand?

Do college students isolate themselves from society? I can not seem to find many peers down here on campus that I can have a decent conversation with about what's going on in the world. Not just in the world - I mean, I follow local (C-U area), back home (Chicago - try to read the Trib a few times a week), and national news. (I hate to admit it, but the international stuff is a bit much for me.) There was a crazy fire down here a few weeks back. No one knew. What gives?

Thinking of getting the Blackberry Storm. Don't know how I feel about touch screen though. Also, I'm a T9 Word addict; the whole QWERTY thing makes my thumbs cringe. But I do like the idea of full web access (Porn on my phone? Can't beat that... jk)

Just a few tidbits for now. Hope it was worth the read. Later brohams!