Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lost material

drafts of unpublished posts I finally decided to show y'all....


I sit at my desk, paralyzed.
My feelings numbed, but only to the point of confusion. I feel something, but I can not decipher what it is.
It's like waking from surgery, but nothing has been healed.

There is plenty to pass the time, but nothing seems remotely fitting.
So I'll sit, and remain me.
Confrontation lacks my interest.
I will try to meditate, but my mind too far away from me now.

I feel like a planet from another solar system, revolving around another sun.
Intermittently I get close enough to view Earth and the other planets,
but it is short-lived and irrelevant.

I dreamt of old friends last night, and the things we used to do.
I have been dreaming a lot lately, vividly.
It is almost like living another lifetime in my sleep.
Beautifully, night does not remember day, freeing me.


is my mind.

dunno quite who i am, just where i wanna be. sorta

wish i could take flight

the lights in the distance. something is always out there. not brave enough to venture.
the beeps continue. my own creation. irresponsible art.

Suddenly everyone wants to talk. Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Friends, etc. But when it is not a matter of cultural relevance (i.e. breakup, death), it's no big deal.


I'm a human being, first and foremost. After that, I am a writer, then a lover, then a friend.

However, being a human being pretty much trumps all of the following. At the same time, being a human being is an overused excuse for the [....]