Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Quarter Century later, much changed, yet very little

The Year, 1983: Our president-elect was just receiving his B.A. from Columbia. Toto, Prince and Men at Work topped the music charts. Moviegoers were watching "A Christmas Story" and "Return of the Jedi," and staying home to watch "Dallas," "Dynasty" and "60 Minutes." The Raiders won the Superbowl that January! But Illinois got pounded 45-9 by UCLA in the Rose Bowl and the Cubs still sucked. In the news: terrorism, U.S. invasions and polygamy. Reagan proposed his brilliant "Star Wars" plan in '83, meanwhile a record-breaking national deficit was projected ($189 billion - we're now in the trillions). A Sony Walkman (yes, one that played cassette tapes) would set you back about the same as an Ipod Touch, while an RCA VCR would run you nearly double what you could get a Blu-Ray player for today - and that's not factoring in inflation! But gas was only a buck and a quarter a gallon. Though, my last fill-up only cost me a quarter more than that...

I suppose it's only been 25 years, but that's my whole life. It just seems like more should have changed by now. We're still obsessed with "Star Wars" (the movie, not Reagan's craziness) and you can't avoid "A Christmas Story" this time of year. And "60 Minutes" is still the most watched television show by the people who don't even know they're watching television. These things are good; I don't want them to change. But, when we're still dealing with President "Mission Accomplished" 25 years after Reagan was quoted as saying, "(the USSR) is a focus of evil in the modern world," somethin' just ain't right.

I'm not sure what point I'm trying to make, or if I'm trying to make one at all, but I just felt a bit reflective tonight, and thought I would share with you all the changes (or lack there of) over my lifetime.

When someone lives to one hundred, we gasp, "can you imagine everything he/she has seen in his/her lifetime?!"
I guess I'm only 1/4 the way there but 25 years seems so insignificant, in the grand scheme.

I have enjoyed my 25 years, however. I just wish I could have done more to change things. Tomorrow we will drink some beers to the next 25 years, and to hoping they bring change. prosperity and a better world to us all.

(That's all I want for my birthday.)