Monday, May 4, 2009

Dear Champaign

Dear Champaign,

I'm glad I came back. I've decided that I'm neither a city nor a country boy - I'm a Champaign boy, at least for now.

You're a perfect fit: not too crazy, not too dull, though you can be both. You're not as ridiculously naive as the suburbs, but not extremely overrated and overprices, like the city. You're Champaign! And I love that about you.

You're far enough away from St. Louis, but close enough to Chicago... and even closer to Indy! If I need some space, some fresh air, or just to gaze at the stars all night, I'm only a 20 minute drive away.

You've got crime and drama, but you also got bars and women by the dozens.

You took me away from my friends, but introduced me to new ones.

Your population may decrease every May, but the Federal government doesn't need to know about that. Anybody in their right mind would stay for the Summers you host. Hell, the bars are less crowded with idiots and the cover charges are nonexistent.

And Champaign - if everything else about you fails, and I find myself lonely and homeless, at least I'll have your park benches to sleep on, your sweet smells to breath in and your hospitality.

Forever Yours,



splinky said...

im super jealous about being able to see the stars:(!!!!!