Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This, that and MORE SWINE FLU!

I have a sneaking suspicion that my computer is on it's last leg. After seven long years of trusty service, good ol' Bessy Lou is showing some signs of aging.

But no worries, Bessy... Ryan can't afford a new porn machine right now, so we'll just have to get through this together.

On a better note, I finally got two calls back from potential employers and have interviews scheduled for this week and next - REAL jobs. The sooner I can leave Papa John's, the better. And going back to retail would make me so very happy (and Jim too, so he won't have to break my legs). We have one of those thermometer goal thingys on the fridge that reads "Ryan's Save-A-Limb Fund." Basically it shows me making slow, but steady progress in back rent payments. I gotta say, I got one hell of a roommate who is putting up with my BS very well while I get back on my feet.

One other bit of good news! I have been in touch with Seth Fein, an editor at Smile Politely, a music/culture blog down here in C-U, and he is interested in bringing me on as a music writer or editor. I'm pretty certain it's an unpaid thing, but it's a fairly respectable and recognized site that would look good on any resume.

Back to the bad news... Jim's grandmother passed away yesterday afternoon, so he is back in the burbs for awhile. This time he left me with both pups, which is actually better than just one because they wear each other out, thus requiring less energy on my part. But this weekend, I'm watching some friends' German Sheppards, so I'll have a whole house full of canine insanity. Again, it works out pretty well because the big dogs kick the little ones asses and keep them in line.

One final life update: The past few days I have felt some sort of disease sneaking up on me - minor sore throat, headache, etc... but very, very minor. Perhaps my theory of "a few beers a day keeps the doctor away," is more accurate than real doctors tell me. Money-hungry bastards. Maybe it's pig flu and I found a cure....