Wednesday, October 22, 2008

11.26.08 Gobble Gobble

Turkey Tourney Announced!

That is right MoFos, the FIF Annual Mariokart 64 Turkey Tourney will take place at Brad's place in Bartlett, IL on the day before Thanksgiving. Just over a month away from a new CHAMP! (or perhaps a repeat for our previous champ...?)

We are hoping for the biggest field yet: 64!

RSVP and RSVP stat! It's the fifth anniversary which means we need a record breaking crowd this year. It's gonna be crazy shit. As always, a nominal cover charge will be required, but it includes, registration, food and drink. Oh, and maybe even a cash prize. Gotta see where this shit goes....

We are planning extra early this year, in anticipation of a record-breaking outcome. Get ready for a completely revamped tourney...

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