Monday, October 27, 2008

In the Spirit of TTV

(that's Turkey Tourney 5...)

A well-earned, much deserved and desperately needed THANK YOU. Thanks for giving, sharing, and just being who/what you are. (I'm in a really good mood, which makes me nervous that I'm manic, but whatevs, I can't sleep.) So here it goes...


Mike P - for sharing, caring and especially for the protonix. You Rock. Portia and I need you to stay :)

the good people at HEAVEmedia (namely Peters and Wes) for being so kind as to let me review CARDINOLOGY and publish my work.

My baby, for being so very understanding, lovely and beautiful.

the awesome folks at the Vermillion County Humane Society, for bringing your dogs to PetSmart and being extremely friendly and caring

the three families who adopted three of the aforementioned dogs (one of whom, former Gov (IL) JIM EDGAR)

My work friends, Brittney and Matt and their significant others who came out last night. (I apologize for passing out early and hope you had a great night)

RA & the Cards, for your great work and inspiration.

Al Gore, for inventing the internet and giving me an outlet.

Mom. 'Nuf said. Dad too. And the Steps.

ALL of my blog readers. Yes, all three of you. THANKS!

Karma - for biting me in the ass when I need it and rewarding me in due time.

Autumn. You finally came! Our brief stint with winter will be over in a day or two, and you'll be welcomed back just in time for Halloween. (btw, someone said it's snowing outside, awesome)

Winter. Just promise that you'll give us lots of snow down here in the Illinois Tropics, to go along with your forecasted crazy cold and longevity.

chris d from champaign - you leaked that thing right into my lap at the perfect time. now im getting published.

Portia - you are an awesome snake.

Washington. You let Notre Dame stomp all over you and let us show off our restructured D.

PetSmart, for the employment.

Texas, for giving me a state to hate with a passion.

Alaska, for giving us Palin porn and Palin jokes.

The Anchorage Daily News, for endorsing Obama.

Joe the plumber - for making McCain look like even more of a dumb fuck than he already is.

All of my friends, family, and God for your support.

Every award show ever, for allowing me to thanks the previous people.

Being thankful is something we should do much more often than once a year. It's fun and good for you. And it makes everyone else feel good.

Thanks for reading!


Jessica said...

Reading all of them made ME feel good :)