Friday, October 3, 2008

Block and a half, but I try

Lately, my perception has changed. A paradigm shift, if you will.

Suddenly, or seemingly so, beauty has come in many new, and somewhat obscure forms. Or it is possible that I have been blindfolded all along and now I can really appreciate true beauty. I feel like a child in need of Ridalin. My mind can not focus on one thing for more than a blogsworth of time. Constant distraction is my illness. Though when thinking comes, it approaches a meditative state; dreams more lucid, thoughts more real, emotions bouncy (but true).

A lot to handle. A lot of fun. A lot like life, accordingly so.

Am I finding myself or losing my mind? Too many thin lines.

The silver lining, or perhaps the gold nugget: a creative mind with many ideas-a-flowin. Now, some direction would be nice.

Not really what I thought I would talk about tonight, but whatevs. I know that I owe more, but this is all my block can put out right now. Not that anyone reads my diary anyhow. Night everynobody!