Monday, October 20, 2008

New Poll, D-Bag of the Week & More!!!

So, it's been crazy busy lately, thus, not many blog updates. So here is some stuff in brief.

- New Halloween poll added. Vote early and often!

- The newest addition to our apt fam may be added today, a Ball Python some woman didn't want and dropped off at work. I'll keep y'all informed.

- Colin Powell endorses Obama! Holy crap, with every Palin SNL appearance, the dems get closer and closer to the White House...

- I review the new Cardinals (Ryan Adams) album, Cardinology on HEAVE. Should be posted late this week/early next. Link will be provided, but in the meantime, check out HeaveMedia anyhow!


Frank Calabrese (R-Chamapaign) has decided to run against long-time 103rd district State Rep, Naomi Jakobsson (D-Urbana), in next month's election. 21-year old Calabrese has a whopping three years of experience in the Student Senate down here at U of I, where he is a History major, planning on graduating May of 2009. Check out his "issues" on the prick's website >>>
He addresses the economic crisis, corruption throughout state office, and of course, the pressing issue of reinstating the Chief! I bet that gets him a handful of votes from students who don't even realize this turd is a Republican.
Frank Calabrese, congratulations on the first ever D-Bag of the Week Award. If I pass you on campus I will most certainly defecate on your person.

- The World Series will be watched by a grand total of three people this year. Frank Caliendo, his terrible Dr. Phil impression, and his even worse Charles Barkley one. The old people in Florida will be sleeping, while the fans in Philly will be much more interested in their football team.

- Finally, there will be a Halloween party this Saturday at our place. That's APT 37/39 I guess. I'll be forwarding invites via Facebook, but let me know if you need more info. Oh, and I'm being Amy Winehouse, so don't even think about stealing my costume, bitches.


Jessica said...

I LOVE that your blog is all tricked (and treated) out