Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First of all, thank you everyone for voting in the latest poll - it ties the record for voter outcome thus far (and there is one day left)!

Pretty excited about that shit.

So, today was bad, but details will come in a later blog, if ever.

Now, I'm feelin' good. Pumped to start at Petsmart tomorrow!

Little let down by my roomies tonight but nothing personal, I'm just too picky when it comes to this shit, plus I am crabby today.

So, anyhow, VOTERS- give me some goddamn feedback, become a follower! I totally want this to be an interactive blog. Nine of you are obviously interested enough to vote in my polls, so let's get some dialogue going here!

Until next time (probably later tonight, cus its early), ROCK!!!

and blog

end blog