Sunday, October 5, 2008

Personality and Outlook

Keeping a positive outlook is a discipline. It's tough, let's be honest. It is much easier to be fake in public, and then behind closed doors be so emo; much easier than to be yourself all the time, especially if yourself is not a very consistent person. When I say consistent, I refer to emotionally stability.

Three basic forms, though no one is a type: pendulums, metronomes, and tops.

You can either control your sway, let society control your sway, or give into the universe and be honest with yourself [chaotic sway].

Factoring in optimism, a pendulum knows when to be happy and honest, and when to go into hiding (low-key).
A metronome is essentially oblivious, or blissfully ignorant, thus maintaining optimism on a regular basis, and experiencing sadness and depression in correlation to society.
A top depends upon no one and everyone all at once. Therefor, a top is subject to a life based on it's own will. However, it makes very subtle choices of it's own, mostly initial, and allows it's chosen surroundings to take over.

Unlike it's counterparts, the top has many identities. Some good, some bad, happy and sad. It is the truest of all forms, though the most complex. No one top is the same, as is true of each of it's spins.