Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great, so you're reaching out to small towns. I bet you play John Mellencamp in the background too.

So, smalltown people, do you really think the VP can do shit for you? I mean, maybe I'm missing something, but from where I'm standing it just looks like you are playing up your stereotype (ignorant white hick).

Politics is pretty lame. I prefer to believe politics is between people, individuals. If we all got along, helped each other out, truly cared about one another, I think we could do without so much government. Too bad we believe so little in ourselves, that we are willing to put our lives in the hands of retards on a power trip.

Wake up America!


Jessica said...

Two things:

1) I think it's funny that you're a pretty liberal person yet you are talking about less government and more power to the people...that is typically the "Republican" way of looking at things. Democrats historically believe in more governmental guidance.
Now I realize that nothing these candidates do is by the book red or blue, but I thought it was ironic none the less.

2)Politics ARE depressing. One of the Alumni speakers I saw this week was a Dr. Atlas. He is a successful neurosurgeon that teaches at Standford. Being in the health field someone asked him what he thought about the proposed healthcare plans by McCain and Obama. He explained each to us but in the end said it didn't matter because none of it would happen. The timing with the economy is off and no matter what these candidates say, it's in the hands of Congress. So his outlook was very bleak.
Plus he revealed that although he has been a Democrat all his life, he was on the panel of health professionals working on the Guilliani. He made the great point that we expect these candidates to know EVERYTHING. It's an impossibility for them to contain all of the knowledge that they have hundreds of experts figuring out for them. But after the process he said it made him even more depressed with politics.