Friday, October 3, 2008

riddle (not my lame poetry, a real riddle. whomever solves it WINS! (cash money and/or my respect)

an unknown.
many have searched for it, without success.
applicable to humans, many (but not all) societies, and the individual.
a broad term, loosely defined.
it has yet to be found; many claim it does not exist.
however, it exists, in some form or another.
not bigfoot, or the lochness monster, but assumed like the former.
controversial indeed.
it would solve many problems and cause many arguments.

can this shit be any easier? i dunno. first one to answer wins.

more or less a dialogue opener. but that's the nature of this blog's intentions.

blog blogs blog's blougues <<< for serious Google, "blog's" is the possessive of "blog." GET WITH IT!