Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blog Notice

As of early Wednesday morning, I have limited internet connectivity!
So, I figure I would take this opportunity to further explain the current state of affairs, of the blog and otherwise.

First of all, about a week or so ago, my internet service began to start acting up. I would be connected at full strength but not be able to connect to any sites, download any porn, or stream audio at certain times of the day. It would go in and out. Then a few days ago the connection went out all together. The usual network I connect to just was not showing up, and my roommates seemed to be clueless (yet they were connecting, so I don't get it).

Anyhow, like I said, I'm connected (just barely) now, so I won't waste any more time, and get to the other stuff.

Due to landlord issues and the loss of my job, I will no longer be living at my current residence. I'll be moving off campus some time this week, into a house with a buddy of mine from PetSmart, Jim. Jim is pretty awesome, He rents a house from his sister, and is letting me start paying rent once my financial situation is stable again. And even then, it's cheaper than I'm paying here, plus no broken elevator or retarded landlord.

The new place is on Kirby in Champaign, right across from Centennial Park, for those of you familiar with the area. Jim has a puppy (lab mix) named Sirus (sp?), who is pretty awesome as well. It will be like having my own dog, but not so much. At this point I'm not sure about Brett and Jemaine (the Chinchillas) but I know for sure that Portia is coming with me. (If anybody has a good home for two crazy Chins, let me know!)

But, back to the blog. First off, the name will most likely be changing, along with quite a few other things. Content may or may not be one of them. A side project is in the works, similar to Heave, the Chicago-based site that I contribute to occasionally. Depending on schedule constraints and whatnot (keeping my fingers crossed for another job I'll find out about tomorrow), "Unfinished Business" may be somehow incorporated into the new site or going on long-term hiatus. I do not wish to scrap the blog entirely, however. I am still madly in love with writing about myself and sharing the personal details of my f'ed up life with anyone who is interested. With that said, I suppose portions of the blog may be headed for the new project while everything else, toward a somewhat new direction. This of course, is all pending what may or may not come of the new project... which btw, needs a cool codename or something... hmmm...

I'll have to get back to y'all on that one. For now, we'll call it Project CDRB. That's Chris Davies, Ryan Brokamp.

Chris (author of my other favorite blog, Fish Mustache and I have decided to combine our evil, super powers to form an Evil-Super Blog (or something). So stay tuned for Project CDRB updates.

In the meantime I will most likely be blogging intermittently, as my schedule/internet service/new living arrangements allow. There was a lot of good content for PILFS! this past week, so I will be working on that post if/when I have time.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, follows it, follows me on twitter, comments, etc... I appreciate the support and hope to keep you all tuned-in to my ever so crazy, boring, nonsense life.

Later guys and girls!