Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What else is new? I'm up late: Chinchilla Hunt!

I've made a huge mistake...

I let the chinchillas loose and have free reign in my room. The little fuckers love it. The white one (Bret aka Vanilla aka whatever El named them) has much more personality out of the cage. Unlike the dark one (Jermaine aka Chinchy aka whatever El named him), Bret likes to explore. Jermain just hides under the bed. Go figure! Jermaine is constantly trying to escape from the cage and once you open the door to feed him or whatever, he is planning his getaway.

Aside from the chin shit everywhere, it's pretty cool having them out. Bret has decided to chew himself a new home in my desk drawer. They eat all of the food crumbs scattered about my floor which is like having two Roombas, but way cuter. If only they ate their own shit...

Damn! Jermaine ventured back to the cage and I almost had him locked in! I figure I can let Portia out to scare them back to there cage if need be. Considering she has been hiding in her log for the past week, only to come out in a hurry for the two mice I fed her the other day, I'm pretty sure she would be willing to chase down these vermins.

HAHAHA! Just got Bret back in the cage!

Now Jermaine is totally jealous. He keeps coming out from under the bed looking at Bret enjoying his Forti-diet, timothy hay and water in the comfort of the cage. Sorry Jermaine, gotta roll with the Tough Brets to get in on that action.

Gotcha bitch!

Both chins are back in the cage enjoying hay, food and water. Best (non-canine) pets EVER. So much fun.


splinky said...

VERY CUTE! they seem like a blast!