Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess that song VOLUME I

Okay, so Ryan is kinda bored and maybe a little tipsy/tired...

Therfor, I have created a new game called Guess That Song!
Basically I listen to music and try to keep up with the lyrics/music via my keyboard. It's basically a fun way to get more people to comment on my entries. So, this one should be easy... just listen to the music on the blog and you'll get this one. Make fun of me if you want. Seriously, that makes for even more fun.

The plan is to do this every time I drink (often). I will tabulate points and the winner after an undisclosed amount of time wins a prize! (Prize also undisclosed.) This first one is worth five points! Generous, I know. In other words, five points to the most loyal reader! Good luck, have fun!

Begging you to sit for a portrait on the wall to hang on the dock off sosme parliamentayry hall. todays for you, they laid it oput for you,. for you..........,.. there will be six bells a ringing and something a something for you, this face so mimagenied and peter gabriels too. all of the cops and all of the time it took . soo nits the liens of red in the letter book, youre creepin feet where theve never been before. todays for you, ,,,,,,,they laid it out for you.......for you.........,..there will be six bells a ringing and somthienf a something for you...but this face so imagined and petter gabriel too..... (VIOLIN AND DRUMS ROCK!) drums drums drums durms durms diurms djrms durms drums..... VIO-LIN!!!! ooooohooooh oooooh ooh ummmmoooohoooouhuuhoohooiummmmmmmmmm mmm mm mmmm


c. davies said...

ottoman - vampire weekend

splinky said...

well this isnt very fair when it says the artist on the side of ur