Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unemployment Blues

Gotta look on the bright side - more time for rhyming haikus:

Having no job blows
No cash for ladies, booze, shows
Will work for hohos

Gas for job search: $5
Parking meter change: .85 found stuck to gum underneath my seat
Chewing the gum found stuck to the change: priceless

You know you're unemployed when... have given serious consideration to selling your organs.
...times of the day include half-past Oprah, quater til All My Children, and Dr. Phil-thirty.

...googling "things to do while unemployed" is the best way to kill time in between job searches.

(Tomorrow, I'm brushing my teeth in the shower and going to the mall to play a robot!)

...cereal and EasyMac make up 95% of your diet. make more than four blog entries a day.
...showering becomes a chore.
...rationing toilet paper is necessary.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I'll be filming the documentary, "A Day in the Life of the Unemployed" (working title, no pun intended) which I will post ASAP.