Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th, not so unlucky

word of the day: paraskavedekatriaphobia, or the fear of Friday the 13th.
I guess like 20 million Americans possess this fear, holy crap! Silly Americans, it's going to happen again next month, brace yourselves!

For me, this particular Friday the 13th is rather lucky, thus far. After nearly three weeks of unemployment, I found a job! Just a part-time newspaper gig, but it's money I don't have, so that's pretty exciting. Plus my route is in Rantoul, which I have always found fun to say. Go ahead, try it: RANTOUL! Such a masculine sounding place to live. If I ever move there I'm pretty sure I'll have to join the NRA, get like four German Shepards, and only eat red meat.

In the meantime I'm still here in Champaign, keeping my eyes open for "help wanted" signs, checking craigslist hourly, and eating mac and cheese three times a day. The lady who hired me at the News Gazette basically told me that I was overqualified for the job and recommended me for a district managers position. So, I figure at this rate, I'll be editor in chief by April. Which means I'll be running for State Rep early next year, and before you know it I'll be selling Senate seats and be declaring my innocence on Larry King and the Tonight Show! Hey, at least I'm being optimistic, right? Well, minus that corruption part.

Once again, I have failed to post my unemployment videos, and I apologize. I'll still have 85% of my day free come Monday, so if I'm still in the mood (and nearly unemployed) I'll make sure to get those posted. For now, back to the fun game of "see how many applications I can fill out before passing out."