Thursday, September 25, 2008

the ABC's

The ABC's of my problems (compliments of T"U"L - btw, you're too good for a B. major)

A - Accounting. Stupid shit, stupid shit, stupid shit. I can add!!!!
B - Big business. You're rich enough already.
C - California. You will fall off, into the ocean someday. Spencer Pratt is a DB.
D - Despondency. Speak up already!
E - Everything. It all needs fixing.
F - Foreigners. No I'm not racist, but seriously get with the culture.
G - Gandolf (sp?) Lord of the Rings is lame as shit.
H - YEAHHHH!!!!! (not really a problem)
I - me, myself, and
J - Jealousy. It sucks balls, from both ends. (That's what she said.)
K - Kyle. Quit being so D! I love ya man.
L - Leftovers. Get the old ones out of the fridge people!
M - Men. Get over it, females know what's up.
N - Negativity. How counterproductive.
O - Omega. The Greek alphabet is for loser frat boys.
P - Palin. What a bitch. I think we all like bulldogs with lipstick better.
Q - Questioning my ABC's. I know what's up.
R - Reality. It is what it is.
S - Summer. WAYYYYY overrated.
T - Theology. Just believe what you want to and let everyone else do the same.
U - Umbrellas. Just deal with the rain, losers.
V - Vegas. So lame. Seriously? We got casinos here too. And better yet, OTBs!!!
W - lol, come on! What an easy one... W!
X - Xerox machines, because x-rays are not that bad.
Y - Yellow. Stupid Coldplay song.
Z - Z, you kinda rock. Keep it up. I love you.

and J, I love ya baby. you make me something else


Jessica said...

I love my umbrella!! (and you're out of order J comment) :)