Friday, September 26, 2008

love not war

After rereading a few of my recent entries, I have come to realize a lot of it is bitching. So, I am openly admitting to hypocrisy here. Negativity is counterproductive, and I hate to bitch. It just makes for bad karma too. I try to limit myself to constructive criticism but it's easy to get carried away. But just so everyone is one the same page, when I do rant, the stuff is mostly an exaggeration intended to be humorous, so just laugh with me here.

That's settled. So let's move on and talk about more positive stuff.

(Easier said than done.)

Not that I can't think of anything positive, it's just much more dull stuff.

The debate is on tonight - I'm sure I will have plenty to talk about afterward lol.
I'll take notes. I kinda have to watch anyway. And god damnit! I keep forgetting to register to vote down here. Monday. For sure.

Tomorrow is Chili day! That's a positive.
Oh and cruising C-U (and Savoy) today with Mike was fun. Getting lost is always fun, unless ya got somewhere to be.

Maybe I can convince everyone to help clean. Doubt it, but I'm gonna try.

Sorry for the negative shit again, and sorry this is a kinda blah entry but, you'll live. Better ones to come soon, of the negative and positive variety lol.