Saturday, September 13, 2008

Life - a good thing. Very confusing but good. In the middle of a party right now, but felt I have neglected my blog of any real content lately. Plus I'm a little drunk and needed a breather. ROCK! Just needed some musical healing, and if I laid down and listened to music I would totally pass out. But it's early and I don't wanna do that. So, breather time.

My life - really F'ed up, but still awesome. Just wanna chill and learn, and teach.

So happy that Peters is here. Should go back out and show him my appreciation. If there ever existed an unconditional love, it was his. Not just for me, but for everyone.

I hate my mom, I love my mom.

I thought today was the last ever. Thanks retarded jets. Pissed me off.
Out of Xanax now. Kinda scary. Just gotta watch myself.

Time to pee. Maybe more later.

For now:

She'd ash on the carpet an slip me a pill, and get me pretty loaded on Gin.