Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Solitude vs. Companionship: Round Two

(this bout has taken a change of pace)

So, companionship is great. The past four years, and equally so the past two weeks, have taught me that. Or rather, reinforced that fact.

However, solitude is inevitable. All things must come to an end. Relationships included. Sure, one can argue that once a loved one passes, his/her spirit lives on, but really, it takes more than one person for that spirit to live on. In a big family, or group of friends I guess the idea of someone's spirit living on makes sense. But eventually, in a group of people, there is only one left. Whether it be like tonight, where I am the last one awake and feeling lonely (like many nights), or a lifetime of friendship with a solid group of people, eventually there is only one.

None is a better number than one. If you disagree with everything else I've said, you can not deny this fact.

Better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all. This one is iffy. But, by the same token, in every relationship, one will lose. Losing sucks. It's hard, it's inevitable, it's life.

Wow, this whole entry totally contradicts my last one. But wait, this is round two of the main event! I guess this is exactly why I'm blogging about it.

Friends are great. Family is great. Lovers are great.

Blogs are great.... though aside from using the washroom, and thinking, and maybe a few other things, I guess blogging (or writing/working in general) is the only thing we really do entirely alone.

I was pulling for you solitude, but it looks like companionship barely took this round.

Look out for a big comeback by solitude in round three though.
I am going to watch TV downstairs, alone, waiting for someone to wake up and join me. And the sun does not count.