Saturday, September 20, 2008

Recklessness sucks almost as much as being drugged

So I might be conspiracy theorizing here, but I'm pretty confident that I was drugged last night. (Or abducted by paranormal beings)

But for serious, I totally don't remember 30-90 minutes of last night.

I was at my Booze News meeting/audition (my first meeting of the staff), and I was really nervous about it. And if you know me, you know I have anxiety issues. If not, you know now.

I had two-three beers at home (prior to the meeting) and ate dinner. I then left home (feeling mildly buzzed, at the very most) and walked seven or eight blocks to the apartment where the meeting was being held. I had two beers before the hard stuff arrived. I made a long island (or equivalent, alcohol-wise). That is the last drink I remember making, although I slightly recall having another beer.

From then on out, it's pretty fuzzy. I remember having a conversation with a couple girls and guys, and texting Kyle. I would say a good half hour went by before Kyle arrived at said apartment. I don't really remember him even arriving.

Then, supposedly I fell through a glass table. I don't doubt it, I have the cuts to prove it, but I can not recall any of it.

Next thing I know I'm in the bathroom with Kyle, washing my hands. We leave, because I am being scolded and screamed at by the staff.

Next recollection: me asking Kyle how we got home. Yes, that's right, I do not remember ANY of the walk home.

Next thing I know I'm making an ass of myself in front of my room/floormates. I recall bits and pieces, like calling Noah (though I have no clue what the convo was about). But I thank you so much kind sir; and I apologize for possibly being a dick.

Friday morning. I wake up, no hangover. Regrets, many. But I feel fine. Eight hours of sleep, TOPS. If I drank that much I would have had a hangover.

Strange times indeed.

Yes I was reckless, but perhaps not on my own accord.

Life - it's all we got. If you're not gonna rock it out, fuck it. That's my motto, my raison d'etre.

Live. Learn. Love.
(The latter being of utmost importance.)
You can not fulfill the other two without the loving part. It's science, trust me.

Head full of tricks and treats
Places where junkies meet and
It leads me through the streets at night
But that's alright
I just watch I don't go inside

It's all the same old shit again
I got a...

I got a HALLOWEEN head

Lord I got a HALLOWEEN head

Guitar Solo!