Monday, September 15, 2008

weekend in review

so, Peters was a hit. The chili was a hit. And despite the spreading of germs, I think this weekend was pretty ROCK!

we sang, we danced, we rocked, we drank, we ate, and we watched football. and it as all gone in a flash.

and then Jessica asked me if "asking a question in a persuasive paper [was legal]."

Nothing personal baby, of course. We are all guilty of it, especially me. Following rules never got anyone anywhere. If you have a valid point to make, do it how you do it. Do it how you have to, how you want to. CLICHE WARNING: Rules are made to be broken. Perhaps, not made to be broken, but rather made by people who have no creativity and need rules to mandate their lives. LAME. I mean come on! As evil as he was, he challenged authority by sailing the ocean blue, and proving that the world is round, not flat. Columbus was a badass ('til he killed the NA's).
Just like our world is three dimensional, so are we. Probably more than three, actually. Humans are infinitely dimensional as far as I'm concerned.

BACK to the weekend in review...

So it's Friday afternoon, and Kyle and I are watching TV, when all of a sudden, this noise begins to hover over us. At first it seemed like somebody rolling something down the hall or a big truck passing by, but then it got louder, and Kyle pulled the whole "duck and cover" routine. I start freaking, tapping Kyle, pushing Kyle, shoving Kyle. He finally runs outside at my request only to return stating, "Oh, it's only the Jets."
No way Brett FAvre makes that kinda noise. (lol lame joke)
So I run outside to see the planes flying over. Had I been ten years older, I am pretty sure I would have had a heart attack. There has to be something illegal about what happened there. FUCKED ME UP! I swear I almost shit my pants. Thanks Kyle (whom, btw, claims he "knew all along it was the jets" and was joking about it.)


Ok, maybe sleeping now. WE shall see.


Jessica said...

I don't appreciate the first ever mention of me in this blog basically calling me an idiot. You'll proofread roommates papers for them...and why is that? Because there are certain rules and grammatical guidelines one needs to follow in paper writing. So I think you're a bit hypocritical to call me out on being LAME when you too are checking for whether or not a roommates paper makes sense according to rules.
This blog is great because it is free writing and raw emotional expression. But the persuasive paper that I was asked to write was different than that all together. It was for a different audience, it has different intentions, and it requires logic and fact along with the emotional opinion.
I agree that rules and guidelines should not be completely stringent. Allowances can, should, and are made for the 'rules' in life. But you are not the end all be all in determining which ones people choose to abide by.
I read this interesting theory in a psych class once that proposed something along the lines of "the people dedicated to living against the rules are still bound to the rules they create by 'going against the grain'?" In other words being so obsessed with being "original" and "different" that you eventually are none of those things. In the end you're just like the next person who is consumed by doing the opposite of expectations and rules. Instead of taking life as it comes and being yourself, you then become a different sort of lemming following in a pack of "individuals."