Thursday, September 4, 2008

the slave path

Busted tooth (ouch) and a smile
And cigarette ashes in her drink
The kind that goes out and then sleeps for a week (like brian wilson did)
The kind that goes out on her
To give me a reason, for well, I dunno (existentialism)

And maybe shed take me to france
Or maybe to spain and shed ask me to dance
In a mansion on the top of a hill
Shed ash on the carpets
And slip me a (xanax) pill
Then shed get pretty loaded on gin
And maybe shed give me a bath (baths are for women!)

Thanks, D.R. for the previously edited content.

on to the good stuff... or not - my writing feels weak tonight. lets see what i can make of it.

I'm making up for my lost years, in more ways than one, in more ways than I can even perceive, let alone describe. GUITAR SOLO!
Life is complicated. I can say that much, but that's boring, that's something you all know already. And if you don't, well, you're probably retarded. Yes, I said it. So did that stupid Ben Stiller film, so suck it!

Is anyone sure about God?
I mean, I know the essence of faith is believing in the unseen, but I dunno that anyone (aside from the brainwashed Christians) feel that attached to God.
I know that there is something out there, guiding us, watching us, or at the very least providing a focus.
No one can argue that point, or we'd all be dead. Seriously, what keeps the atheists alive? The need/desire to prove the "believers" wrong?
Kinda lame atheists. kinda lame.

We MUST have a purpose. We do, I know we do. Well, I guess I don't know for sure, but something has kept me alive. Something so powerful it incorporates my family, friends, my love, my passion, my interests, my intentions - and points them all in a specific direction.

I hate science. It's too obvious for me. GRAVITY: things fall. BORING!!!!! (Sorry Alex, but physics just doesn't make me happy, lol.)
Biology? Great, we live. So do animals and plants. SWEET....... not! I've known this shit since age two!
Chemistry I guess I can appreciate a little bit - I mean, I have a chemical imbalance, or DID. Thanks to chemistry (and I guess bio too) I have a medication to fix that problem. Then again, who is to say it's a problem? Darwin would say it's natural selection; in which case, I should be dead, but thanks to science (Darwin's forte btw) I'm alive, and somewhat well, and blogging.

Maybe Charles' destiny was to die at an early age. If his theory can be proven, he himself may have been a victim of natural selection. Shit, Noah, Moses, Jesus even, could have all been victims of natural selection - SCIENCE!

"BOO science!"

Everything in moderation. This applies to society as well as the individual.

DNC: U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!
RNC: U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

hmmmm..... it's the equivalent to a Cubs/Sox game where all the fans chant/yell: CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO!

point: we divide ourselves through competition, not ideals. We share more ideals than we can perceive. We're just too dumb and too stubborn to compromise, and see the truth.

UGH! I really did not intend for this blog to become political. Fuck the conventions (aka pep rallys, clan meeting, Woodstock)!

We're just two lost souls swimmin in a fish bowl, year after year. Take a look in the mirror American Politics!!!!! we're fucked. thanks guys.

Why do they call it "hit the pillow?" <<Anyhow, I never hit my pillow. I love my pillow. It's my comfort item. It makes me feel safe, and good, and distracts me from all evils, and everything else. UGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

what sin replaces love? <<< from a RA song. if anyone can dicipher that for me (look up the song if need be) i would love you forever.

anyone, goodnight all.

love is all you need [and the part lennon forgot - all that makes you CrAzY!]