Sunday, September 21, 2008

god awful creative shutdown

Well, less than 24 hours left in the first ever, unscientific poll. Hope you've all voted. Feel free to vote twice, or even thrice, or four times, if and only if you can think of a creative way to end the number four with "ice." This time tomorrow we will know what we should be calling female breasts, unscientifically of course. But those who do not follow the new rule will be shunned and frowned upon (literally and figuratively.

In other new, it's been another crazy weekend. But that is what the weekends are for...
and Tuesdays (Piano Man day). Okay, Thursdays too, since it's almost the weekend anyway. Oh and you can't forget hump day, Wednesday!

CSI: Miami returns tomorrow. YEEEAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Horatio Cane, dead or alive? Gotta watch to find out! We should probably have a small CSI: Miami party. So, I guess Monday shall be a crazy night too... just this week. Maybe I should stay up all night for a marathon of all of last season's episodes! Wait, that would mean I would be up all night - another crazy night, and that would make seven.


No, on the seventh day we rest. (Unless you're Jewish, then it's on the sixth day. What do you Jews do on Sunday btw? I mean it's not like you work, or go to school... Seriously, any Jews who read this, let me know. Oh, and also, do you really control the Liberal media? I didn't think so. Yeah, and just one more thing, how can your nationality be Jewish? What nation was it that you lived in, Jewland? Like, don't take this the wrong way, I am no racist or religion-hater (except for Scientology), but I want an actual Jew who knows what they're talking about to explain this to me, or more or less prove me right that it is NOT a nationality, just a religion. Thanks in advance.)

Wow, I hope if any Jews read this they have a sense of humor. Otherwise I just lost like 9 friends.

Back to the pointless badder.

Okay, maybe not. So I Wiki'd that shit, and it goes on and on about the ethnoreligious-osity, or something, of the Jews. You'd think, being an Anthro major that I would get that, but the whole "Jewish nation" things confuses me. Maybe I need to take some more religion courses or something? So, please Jews, do explain. If it's complicated enough, we can have a little get-together at my place. You bring the dradle and I'll whip up the potato pancakes. AWESOME!

BOND will return in....