Friday, September 26, 2008

prose(ish) and whatnot. ENJOY

nothing done
but not a wasted day
a wasted day in paradise
where all of the best ones come from

something sweet
always a silver lining
just pretend youre the king and youll see
fun fun fun in the sun sun sun

nothing wasted
everything complete
bored with life after this feat
why would i want this for myself
or wish it upon my worst enemies
though none exist

25 and fifteen fifty yield
not enough for the creator
not enough for the brain

giant heads are distracting
also often outspoken
but they rule our world
so why bother questioning

still feel that way
about the thing a time ago
still bitter, still upset
yet waiting for a reply though

it wont come
oh no it wont
i kid myself to sleep
as i read ads for what was mine to keep

timing wrong, all wrong
but still meant to be
i can not hide here
but if not here, where

i numb myself
i sleep
i write and i write and nothing bothers me